Click here for an excerpt from Growing Wealth: Essential Money Lessons from My Garden to Yours.

Here you’ll find some of my favorite personal finance books, along with a brief mention of who may find these resources the most useful.


for those who enjoy the classics and dense reading

for those seeking practical guidance on individual stock selection

for those intrigued with identifying long-term economic advantages of businesses (aka economic moats)

Money Management

for encouragement and guidance on financial planning

for those looking for a simple approach to building wealth while working in traditional jobs

for those who want to understand how to save more of what they earn and find validation for the value of living below your means

for actionable tips on a variety of topics with impact on financial wellness


for anyone who buys insurance


for those with investments and multiple sources of income contemplating early or traditional retirement

for those who want to enjoy life before and during retirement but haven’t yet (and may be unlikely to) amass $1m or more


for physicians

for members of the military and their families

for those who are getting older and their parents  (end of life planning but not all about money)

for geeks (who want to know how stuff works)