How to Lower Taxes by Taking a Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD)

You can take a make a charitable gift from your IRA to satisfy your RMD. Using a QCD or qualified charitable distribution, you can avoid taxes on the RMD. In addition, this strategy may allow you to reduce your income to levels that prevent or reduce taxes on Social Security retirement benefits, Medicare premium surcharges, and more. Learn more about the QCD and how it could work for the charitably-minded and cash-flow conscious.

What to Do with Company Stock

Accumulating company stock has been a good way for my family to build wealth. I’ve heard others say they’ve been able to generate income by buying shares at a discounted price and then selling shares at a higher price. In this way, they may have more money available to pay off debt or invest, increasing their net worth.

I won’t argue in favor of or against the inclusion of company stock in an investment portfolio. But we’ve decided not to hold company stock forever. Here are a few things we’ve done with the shares: