How to Buy a Home You Can Sell

After witnessing the collapse of my local housing market in my town, I decided to be extra careful when buying my first home. Here are the main attributes I considered before making an offer.

Insurance Made Easy Book Review

Several years ago, I decided to buy specialty business insurance and heard about a program offered by an approved vendor of a professional organization to which I belonged. I had specific risks common in this profession for which I wanted insurance. This well-known insurer affiliated with the organization seemed like the perfect place to find coverage. I applied and received a policy that looked good but had a footnote for exclusions. Sadly, these exclusions denied coverage for the specific risks that I sought to insure. Fortunately, I’ve learned to keep looking and here’s a resource that can help you to evaluate insurance easily and smartly.

What Plan Should I Choose? HDHP vs. Non-HDHP Comparison

Compare healthcare plans by considering cash flow, including costs associated with premiums, out-of-pocket maximums, and funding of health accounts, as well as tax benefits with the same. Join me as I create a HDHP vs. Non-HDHP analysis for plans that use the same preferred provider network.

Financial Health Matters Earlier than Expected

The more students can own the consequences of their choices, financial and otherwise, the more likely they’ll become and remain financially healthy. Finances alone shouldn’t drive decisions. But decisions carry financial implications and these ought to be acknowledged and considered.