What Plan Should I Choose? HDHP vs. Non-HDHP Comparison

Compare healthcare plans by considering cash flow, including costs associated with premiums, out-of-pocket maximums, and funding of health accounts, as well as tax benefits with the same. Join me as I create a HDHP vs. Non-HDHP analysis for plans that use the same preferred provider network.

How I Made Over $3,000 in Health Insurance Bonuses

Recent changes in my healthcare coverage choices compelled me to scrutinize offerings once again, despite being happy with the prices and plans I’ve had in the past. During this process, I discovered ways to earn more than $3,000 through company and government incentives linked to healthcare coverage.

Guide to Choosing Health Insurance (with Spreadsheet)

Choosing health insurance can be confusing, especially when you compare traditional plans with high deductible health plans (HDHPs). Buying insurance on the open market and comparing employer-sponsored plans taught me that choosing the perfect policy for varying health scenarios is impossible. Still, I’ve learned that I can make a reasonable guess on the plan that might work best for my family. Here are clear steps to clarify the pros and cons of health plans.